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Investment Criteria

How we make decisions

History of Success

We are looking for profitable companies with a strong history. We're not afraid of complex situations, but we are looking for a strong underlying business model, stable customers, and a market-leading product or service.

Under the radar

We look for companies with EBITDA below $10M per year, and with revenues between $8M and $100M. We specifically look for "boring" B2B companies that provide necessary products or services to other businesses. This is because we believe our experience in these industries combined with our unique structure allows us to bring blue-chip investing and operating practices to lower middle market companies that others might have missed.

A strong team

For many companies we look at, the founder or owner is also the CEO. We look for situations where that CEO does not stand alone, but has built both a strong leadership team who are excited to continue in the next phase of the company's journey, and a positive and collaborative culture among all employees. 

Opportunity to add value

Unlike some investors, our involvement doesn't end with writing a check. We like to roll up our sleeves and get into the operational details of companies we buy. Whether we get to implement new sales practices to grow the business, increase operational productivity, or help find new leadership, our skills, experience, and extensive network can help take companies to the next level.

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