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Why Ilion?

Ilion Capital Partners exists to allocate both capital and talent to opportunities that others overlook. We are flexible to look at smaller or more complex deals than most other PE funds would consider, and count on our diligence and patience to pay off in the long run as we help grow the companies that we partner with.


Through an extensive network of advisors, investors, and former colleagues all over the country, we not only have rapid access to capital to fund our investments, but can also augment management teams where needed. This ensures that we can partner with companies to help them access the capabilities they need to continue building on the legacies that drew us to invest in them.

Why "Ilion?" Ilion is the old Greek name for the city of Troy. As Troy was burning, Aeneas was sneaking out of the city with his family in a boat bound (eventually) for Italy. Many generations later, the city he founded became the capital of Europe, and the Roman legacy continues to influence our language, architecture, philosophy, and politics. The companies we invest in are built on many years of sweat and hard work, and it will require years more work to sustain and grow them. None of that is easy, and there's no one thing or person that can make it happen. It takes a team and it takes patience. Rome wasn't built in a day.

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